Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Contest Winners, Coming Soon and Booksignings

A faithful blogger I am not. You'd think a writer would have better communication skills, LOL!

September's Contest winner was Tara from Trenton, Georgia
October's Contest winner was Rose from Salem, Massachusetts

November's contest winner has just been drawn and I'm waiting to hear from that lucky person before I post their name.

As usual I'm writing away. I'm working on my next release for Ellora's Cave called Someone To Watch. It's going to be a m/m/f menage. Our heroine is going to find herself the object of lust and love for two sexy shapeshifters. She's also going to be fighting for her life. There's another guy out there who wants what she's got and he's not happy taking no for an answer. Our heros are going to have their hands full, not only of their woman and each other, but danger as well.

On November 18th I did a booksigning at the New & Olde Pages Bookshoppe in Englwood, Ohio. When I signed up for it I was told that one other Ellora's Cave author would be there, JC Wilder. When I called a few days before the signing to see if I needed to bring anything special, I was told not only was JC Wilder going to be there but Lori Foster, Dianne Castell, C.N. Eagle and Patricia (please forgive me, I'm drawing a total blank here, I'm lucky I remember my own name sometimes) a sweet, lovely, soft spoken author who was a total joy to meet. I'm going to get her last name and post it next time, I promise.

At any rate I had a wonderful time. I loved meeting some of my readers and signing books for them. It was also great to meet some fellow authors. I have to say that Lori Foster is one of my favorite authors so I was thrilled to meet her. She's vocal and fun. Dianne Castell was so upbeat and encouraging, J. C. has a biting wit, C. N. Eagle was doing his first signing and did very well. He was kind of quiet and nervous but when it came to talking to readers he did really well and as I said earlier, Patricia was really sweet and enthusiastic. And me? I started out as a nervous wreck but when the readers came in my mouth was running a mile a minute. Nerves equal talk, I guess. It didn't hurt that I had my mom with me. She's my anchor and the voice of reason when I get loopy. Don't know when I'll do another signing but maybe I'll break my vow of 'never again' that I was chanting before the signing began. You just never know when you might end up enjoying something that totally terrified you, LOL!

Until next time, take care.