Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Contest Winners, Coming Soon and Booksignings

A faithful blogger I am not. You'd think a writer would have better communication skills, LOL!

September's Contest winner was Tara from Trenton, Georgia
October's Contest winner was Rose from Salem, Massachusetts

November's contest winner has just been drawn and I'm waiting to hear from that lucky person before I post their name.

As usual I'm writing away. I'm working on my next release for Ellora's Cave called Someone To Watch. It's going to be a m/m/f menage. Our heroine is going to find herself the object of lust and love for two sexy shapeshifters. She's also going to be fighting for her life. There's another guy out there who wants what she's got and he's not happy taking no for an answer. Our heros are going to have their hands full, not only of their woman and each other, but danger as well.

On November 18th I did a booksigning at the New & Olde Pages Bookshoppe in Englwood, Ohio. When I signed up for it I was told that one other Ellora's Cave author would be there, JC Wilder. When I called a few days before the signing to see if I needed to bring anything special, I was told not only was JC Wilder going to be there but Lori Foster, Dianne Castell, C.N. Eagle and Patricia (please forgive me, I'm drawing a total blank here, I'm lucky I remember my own name sometimes) a sweet, lovely, soft spoken author who was a total joy to meet. I'm going to get her last name and post it next time, I promise.

At any rate I had a wonderful time. I loved meeting some of my readers and signing books for them. It was also great to meet some fellow authors. I have to say that Lori Foster is one of my favorite authors so I was thrilled to meet her. She's vocal and fun. Dianne Castell was so upbeat and encouraging, J. C. has a biting wit, C. N. Eagle was doing his first signing and did very well. He was kind of quiet and nervous but when it came to talking to readers he did really well and as I said earlier, Patricia was really sweet and enthusiastic. And me? I started out as a nervous wreck but when the readers came in my mouth was running a mile a minute. Nerves equal talk, I guess. It didn't hurt that I had my mom with me. She's my anchor and the voice of reason when I get loopy. Don't know when I'll do another signing but maybe I'll break my vow of 'never again' that I was chanting before the signing began. You just never know when you might end up enjoying something that totally terrified you, LOL!

Until next time, take care.


Sunday, November 05, 2006

A Few Scattered Thoughts As I Start A New Book

I'm a writer. Although I've never been the kind of person who could sit and write day after day in a diary, this blog is here so I thought I'd use it. Quite honestly, for the most part, my doings are not worthy of note. I'm the kind of quiet, unassuming person you wouldn't look twice at in Walmart and yes, I admit I go to Walmart. I'll do you one better, I actually used to work at Walmart.

Oh yes, I held the dreaded job of trying to please the uncouthed masses. If you've never worked in retail, consider yourself lucky. I don't actually want to talk about shopping though. I want to talk about the people who shop. Let's start with you. That's right you. Each and every one of you.

When you're tooling through the store picking up this and that, what do you think about? Your kids? Your job? That great movie you just saw? That great sex you hope you can talk your significant other into tonight? The fact that you just broke your fingernail? It doesn't really matter what in particular you're thinking about but just consider this. Every other person in the store is thinking too. Every head in the store contains a biological computer that has electrical currents firing with thoughts forming and flying all over the place.

Isn't that amazing? Good golly! There are actually thoughts behind those faces? In some cases it's just plain scary. In my case at this moment? It's... obscure. Why am I writing all this? Because I just finished some very intense edits and I'm giving my brain a rest before I go back to the next book. Actually, I'm procrastinating but for a very good reason. Putting the end to one book and starting a new one by looking at a page that says chapter one and nothing else can be intimidating, exciting, frustrating, challenging and terrifying but in the end, just plain necessary. I'm a writer.

Footnote: It is a documented fact that writers are a strange bunch and sometimes noted for their incomprehensible ramblings. Pat them on the head, give them a cookie and set them back in front of their computers. All will be well.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

August's Contest Winner & More

As usual I'm running behind in announcing winners and passing on news. The winner of my August 'Apples and Cinnamon' contest was Sharon B. of Albequerque, New Mexico. Congratulations Sharon!

As far as news well, September is nearing it's end. The fourth book in my Bond of the Maleri' series with Changeling Press, Ride 'Em Cowboy, made it's appearance and thanks to you all is doing very well.

October brings my new release from Changeling, a partly paranormal, contemporary, serious yet comedic book with a slight Halloween flavor. Is that even possible you ask? Well...yeah! The book is called Why Did The Chicken? and is a male/male romance. Why Did The Chicken? will be available October 21st and here's a short blurb:

What happens when Cupid passes the task of matchmaker over to a mischievous shape shifting imp? Chaos. Pure chaos. Adjinxska reinvents herself and becomes Jinx the cat. As Halloween approaches she’s ready to dole out a few tricks and treats.

From afar, Morgan has admired his sexy, new, next door neighbor but he’s convinced Rich would never be interested in him. It’s going to take a series of Jinx inspired tricks and the intervention of a gun toting bank robber in a chicken suit to finally convince Morgan that not only is Rich interested, he’s the man of Morgan’s dreams.

That's just a small glimpse, hope you enjoy it!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Contest Winners! A Little News & Appearances

It occurs to me that I've never announced the name of my contest winners.
Robin J. won April's contest with a prize from Bath and Body works.
Cathie M. won my Quickie Contest and I've just drawn the winner of my May contest.
I'll have to get back to you with the name, LOL! I've been so, so busy lately. I just finished reading the galley proof for the print version of TO TRUST A WOLF from Ellora's Cave. I have to say I still like that book. I'm doing proofs now for the third in my BOND OF THE MALERI' series from Changeling Press. It's called BETWEEN LOVE AND LAW and has a tentative release date of July 21st. I'm also doing second round edits of MALE OF THE SPECIES my m/m erotic romance for Ellora's Cave and hoping for a July release date.
I've also taken my first hesitant steps toward my first books signings. August is the fated month. The 19th will see me at Borders Express, Midway Mall in Elyria, Ohio, the 20th I'll be at Borders Express, Chapel Hill Mall, Akron OH and the 26th will see me at New and Olde Pages Book Shoppe in Englewood, OH. I'll post more details soon. Anyone living in these areas, come and see me! I'd love to meet you and there will be other Ellora's Cave authors there as well. For a list of participants check out the Ellora's Cave website at
Gotta get back to work. Take care everyone!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


The date is May 23rd and the place is Loose-Id. LOL!! My first LI release, BY BLOOD'S DECREE, is available today and I am thrilled to my toes! The people at LI are great to work with and I can't begin to say enough about the quality of the fiction they present to us. I know my own library is growing by leaps and bounds and LI is contributing heavily to my entertainment. If you haven't checked Loose-Id out, you really should. Not just to buy my book, although I won't argue if you insist on doing so, lol, but seriously there are some wonderful authors and absolutely fantastic books to be found there. So do yourself a favor Go, browse, enjoy yourself!!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

It's Release Day!!

My new Ellora's Cave book, Venus Connection hits the airwaves today! LOL! I always love new release day. It's high no drug could bestow. Everyone have a great day!! I know I am!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Answers For EC List Readers

Hi All!

The question is: What sign or signs are ruled by the planet Venus? Answer: Taurus and Libra.