Friday, March 31, 2006

Come Visit with Sasha White

I checked Sasha's website to gather some info on her books and have to say it. Wow! Sasha is multi-published, with Amber Quill Press and Liquid Silver Books being among her publishers. Sasha is a self-described waitress/bartender at night and struggling writer during the day. From the looks of her many titles, her struggles are paying off. Sasha is going to share her experience of receving The Call.

THE CALL stories are some of the most inspirational things a struggling writer can hear. However, mine is a bit different. You see, I've never received a call from an editor I'd submitted to where they say. "Hi, this is___ with ___ and I'd like to buy your book." I have however, received a few letters that were something like that. *ggg*My first one ever was from Virgin Books, the Black Lace Erotica line. That was three years ago. After concentrating on short stories for a while I decided to try something longer. Harlequin Temptation rejected my first novel because of my writing style.However, take heart, even rejected ms's can go on to sell. That novel was GYPSY HEART, which not only later received 4 stars from Romantic Times Book Club, and a pleasing 81 from Mrs. Giggles, but it also taught me to be true to my own voice, and my own style.There were a few more e-book sales, again, all through email. No phone calls for me. My first call came after I'd emailed Roberta Brown with a proposal for a manuscript to be shopped around. Again, after a couple of emails, she agreed to represent me! Then, she called me!!! Even though I knew the call was coming, it was thrill. It made the whole thrilling situation real for me. The call was just a get to know you thing. We talked about my future and what we were going to do with my proposal. She agreed to shop it around immediately.My heart pounded so hard I kept my hand on my chest to hold it in the whole time. I was a bit prepared for it because I knew the call was coming, and I actually took notes. Mind you, I didn't know what the notes meant a day later. LOL After that, the next phone call I received was again, from Roberta. And I got it as a message on my voice mail. I'd just finished working a lunch shift, and was excited to go home and write. Funny how serving tables always makes me eager to work on building my career away from the hospitality industry. Anyway, I stepped out the door of the lounge, and was walking home from work. I pulled out my cell phone. My only phone and checked my messages. I literally stopped in my tracks on the sidewalk when I heard Roberta's voice announcing a sale to Kensington! I hung up to call her back right away, and the phone rang in my hand. Roberta. As I walked home, amidst a huge windstorm, she told me about John Scognamiglio, from Kensington. He loved my partial!! The next day John called me to introduce himself, and we spoke briefly about the novella. Since then, I've received more emails from Roberta. One announcing the sale of a single title to Cindy Hwang at Berkley, and another telling me John wanted another novella for Kensington.Despite the fact that I've been published for a few years, the last month has been absolutely amazing. I'm here to tell you, don't sit by the phone. The Call isn't the only way you can get great news, and dancing around your house like an idiot after receiving an email isn't as embarrassing as screaming into someone's ear on the phone, but it is just as magical.


After reading about Sasha's experience, I was left chuckling and I'm about to go tackle my agent proposal again. I feel inspired! Thanks Sasha! Continueing with Sasha's visit, she agreed to answer a few unusual question I came up with. Check out her answers:


If you could, what kind of paranormal creature would you choose to be?

A witch. *grin* I'd like to be able to have all sorts of neat spells and options.

What kind of paranormal creature would you most like to have sex with?One of THE PETSHANI! They're in my new series by that name at AQP. An ancient Gypsy race of pleasure givers. Yummylicious!!

Menages - Given the opportunity, would you?

Who says I haven't already? *smile*

Who would you share your menage with? Anyone in particular?

No one in particular in mind, but they'd have to be special.

Bondage - Yes or no and how far would you go?

Again, who says I haven't? LOL As for how far would I go? It all depends on who I'm with, if I'm the bonder or the bondee. *grin*

Night or Day - Which is your favorite?Night. No doubt about it.

Afternoon delight, or moonlight madness. What's the best time for sex?

Moonlight Madness!!!! WhoooWHooooo!!!

What place in the real world would you most like to visit?

I've gone to pretty much all of the places I'd like to visit. There are always more, I want to go everywhere, but the ones I've had a burning desire to visit, I've done. (I've been to Nepal, South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, Mexico, Ireland, Scotland, Greece)

What place in any authors imaginary world would you visit?

TRITON, it's one of my own worlds created for my Sci-fi series ABDUCTION... It's a planet where women rule. :)

Military, firefighters, law enforcement or other profession. Who gets your juices flowing?

Military or Private Security. Yummm.

What quality do you find to be most important in a lover?

Attentiveness, but not clingyness.

What quality is most important in yourself?



A heartfelt thank-you to Sasha for visiting today. Please visit and stay up to day with Sasha at


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