Thursday, October 20, 2005

An excerpt form my upcoming EC release!

I thought I would share an excerpt from my upcoming EC release!

Leaning back into the padded bench seat of the cafe’s booth, Del took a last sip of soda and contemplated the remains of her meal. “They make the best chili in town” she observed with a sated smile.
“Agreed.” Jess replied as she dipped her napkin in her water glass, using the damp towel for a final clean up.
During the meal, neither friend had alluded to their earlier conversation. Deciding to broach the subject, Del placed her elbows on the table and leaned towards her friend with an intent expression on her face. “About that no ambition thing?” She said smiling somewhat sheepishly.
“Yeah?” Jess inquired softly.
“ I do have certain...” Del hesitated, “I don’t think you could call them ambitions exactly, more like desires, I guess.”
Jess waited expectantly, but when Del refused to elaborate, she prompted sternly with, “Spill it girl.”
“Liberated women everywhere would shudder in disgust at what I’m about to say.” she temporized. “Including you.”
With a quirk of her lips and a raised eyebrow, Jess sat back in her seat, “As you’ve just pointed out,” she said, “I’m a liberated woman, part of which includes the fact that I keep an open mind. Now quit stalling.”
“All right, it’s just that admitting something like this is kind of hard, considering how things are nowadays.” Del eyed her friend with some trepidation and began. “First of all I want to be married. I want a man who’s confidant and strong, a real alpha type. I want him to dominate me when I need it, but also be gentle when I need that. A man who wants me so much that we burn the sheets up every morning and every night and any hours in between. I want to be a sex object for my husband and a love object and a lust object and a support object and whatever other kind of object he need me to be.” Taking another breath she continued, “Not that I’m an object or that he would treat me as anything other than a person deserving of love and respect.”
Del paused for a moment but obviously had more to add. Jess, her expression impassive, nodded in understanding “Go on.”
Wading in again Del went on. “I want to have children. I’d like my husband to be like my dad was with me, fun, and kind and loving but willing to discipline when needed. My kids are not going to be like so many of the brats you see today who have no manners and no respect for anyone, especially their parents.” She paused biting her lip, “And one final thing.”
“There’s more?” Jess inquired with a bland smile.
Del dropped her voice to a near whisper, “Oh yeah, the real betrayal of women’s liberation.” She paused dramatically her eyes widening, head shaking in the negative, “I don’t want a career. I want to stay home and raise my children and take care of my husband and my home and garden and stuff like that. I don’t want to worry about bills or money or insurance or taxes or any of that other stuff. Pretty awful huh?”
Del dropped back in her seat, resignedly watching her friend for her reaction. Jess leaned forward, her eyes determinedly meeting Del’s. “My first question is, does calling this alpha male master come into this anywhere?
“Heck no!” Del scoffed. “It’s not about a dominant/submissive lifestyle, although I’m sure a little d/s would be fun during appropriate moments.” she laughed at Jess’s raised eyebrow. “I’d be the first to admit that I have a submissive personality as you, my friend, should well know considering you are a dominant. But no, I don’t want my every move or decision dictated to me. Especially if it’s something really important.”
“Well then..., ok.” Jess stated.
“Ok? Is that it?” Del found herself surprised not to be on the receiving end of some heavy duty chastisement.
“Yeah, ok.” Jess repeated. “Look, everyone has needs and desires and thank God, their a pretty varied lot. What you want out of life and what I want may be different, but that doesn’t mean that one is any better than the other.” She paused thoughtfully, “If that’s what makes you happy, go for it.” Jess stated firmly. “I see only one problem here.”
“And that would be...?” Del queried.
“Where are you going to find this paragon of an alpha male?” Jess answered her with an inquiring look.
“That,” Del replied with a grimace, “is definitely a problem.”
Air cleared, harmony restored, and stomachs filled, the girls returned to their shopping. As they wandered the carpeted isles, their conversation returned to less intense subject matter. They discussed Jessie’s redecorating project and continued to search for the antique furnishings Jess wanted for her bedroom.
“I think, I’m in love.” Jess stopped in one of the more spacious booths and was now examining a carved oak headboard with matching footboard. “This is it, this is what I’ve been searching for.”
“Well don’t say it too loud or you’ll never even get a chance to haggle and believe me, you want to haggle the price on this one.” Del had picked up the price tag and examined it with a low whistle.
Displaying it to Jess she said, “You got your work cut out for you on this one girl.”
Jess waved her hand with a negligent flip. “Who got them to drop fifty bucks on that koala bear cookie jar you just had to have? Never doubt the skills baby.”
Del chuckled as she watched Jess make her way to the front desk. Feeling sorry for Jess’s intended victim, Del wandered on, knowing that the business at hand would take some time.
She strolled leisurely, giving the merchandise on display only a cursory examination as she pondered the problem of finding her ideal man. Advertise? No. Bar hop? No. Grocery store? No. Internet? No. Each idea was pondered and dismissed. My problem is I’m not aggressive or adventurous enough. And that being the case am I doomed? She unconsciously shrugged her shoulders and paused at the glass enclosed booth on the corner of the isle.
Inside, a man sat behind the counter. Del studied him curiously, recalling that she had seen him occasionally during previous visits. He was tall, with short cropped, dark hair that was shot with gray. His hawk-like features were somewhat hidden by a well trimmed beard and mustache. He seemed absorbed in his study of the book he held in his hands, hands that looked strong, with long tapering fingers.
Just as she had decided to move on and leave him undisturbed, he looked up pinning her with eyes that at first seemed completely black. He beckoned her forward and she felt compelled to follow his unspoken request. A trick of the light, she decided as she got a closer look at his eyes, for she could indeed see a demarcation between pupil and iris. He smiled and she felt an instant affinity with him, returning his with a smile of her own.
“Enjoying your shopping today?” He inquired politely. His voice was melodic, with a soothing quality that made her feel at ease despite the fact that strange men normally made her feel very uneasy.
“Yes, very much so.” Del answered. “You have some interesting looking things here,” she offered, “These crystals are beautiful.”
“There is nothing quite like that which is shaped by natures hand.” He reached into the glass case pulling the tray she indicated and placed it on the counter.
Delilah picked up several of the stones examining them curiously. “This one is lovely,” she indicated, pointing out a particular stone. “I love the amber color.”
He picked it up, holding it upward to catch the light. “It matches the golden flecks in your eyes.” He said softly. Noting her blush and the small flash of unease in her eyes he quickly added, “No disrespect intended basaya.”
Looking into his warm, guileless gaze, Del relaxed asking, “What does that mean? Basaya.”
“It is an old word in an almost forgotten language. It means beauty.”
For some reason Del felt tears prick her eyes. Why did it matter that this man thought her beautiful? It was impossible to analyze the feeling, but knowing he thought well of her was important. She offered a soft thank you.
“I have a very special crystal I wish to show you.” Suiting actions to words, he reached under the counter producing a small velvet wrapped bundle. Pulling aside the wrapping he silently offered it to her.
Opening her hand she felt the weight of it drop into her palm. Never had she seen anything to compare with its beauty. It was an orb, fashioned of a silvery crystal-like substance. It seemed to glow with an inner light. Fine cracks peppered the smooth surface, reflecting multiple images. Del was captivated.
The orb grew warm in her hand and she began to feel something akin to arousal as she stared into the mirrored surface. The heat that centered in her palm shifted to her nether parts and a throbbing beat began deep inside. Need erupted, an involuntary moan passed her parted lips as her inner fire and that of the orbs synchronized and grew in intensity. Aurora borealis colors began to shift and swirl over the surface of the orb, drawing her deeper within its fiery heat. A pearlescent bubble of light grew and enveloped her straining body.
Unable to disconnect herself from the sensual excitement transmitted by the orb, she swayed with the wanton beat of lust coursing through her veins. Her clit vibrated, slick moisture pooled in her vagina as it tightened and throbbed in preparation for orgasm. Before her eyes a figure took form inside the light generated by the orb. It was the man from her dream, he of the sapphire eyes and sinfully majestic body.
“At last tezza,” he groaned, caught in the same trap of desire. “I will come for you in two risings of the moon.” His lungs labored with the effort of speaking through the aching arousal. “Until then release us my own. Take your pleasure, come for me tezza. Now!”
His bellowed command snapped through her taut body. Releasing like an arrow from a bow, her climax swept over her shuddering body, a low wailing cry tearing from deep inside. Light erupted from the pulsing orb, an incandescent flash which began to wane with the lessening ripples of Del’s orgasm.
No longer held upright by the power of the Orb, Del sank slowly to the floor as her knees buckled. Her pounding heart beat began to slow, her panting breaths to steady. Her hand clenched, the fading light was absorbed until a small glow filtered between her fingers and then it too winked out. Opening her hand, Del watched, dazed as the Orb became insubstantial and sank into her open palm disappearing as though it had never been.
Staring at her hand in shock and disbelief, a breathy “What the hell was that?” left her lips. Preparing to be mortally embarrassed for her wanton, albeit involuntary behavior, Del looked around. The man she had been speaking to was gone. The orb-like crystal was gone. The only evidence left to support what had just happened, was the unmistakable wetness that lay between her thighs.


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