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Introducing Tawny Taylor!

I'm very pleased to welcome multi-published author, Tawny Taylor to my blog. With Ellora's Cave Publishing, she currently has twelve, single author titles and has participated in one Caveman Anthology. Check out her latest EC release "Spells and Seduction" third in her Imortal Secrets series. She also has two titles with Echelon Press and one with Changeling Press. Recognized for her outstanding work, she was a Capa nominee in 2004 and 2005, an Eppie finalist in 2005 and her book, Ellora's Cave release "Tempting Fate", was a Romantic Times Bookclub Magazine Top Pick in January of 2006! Quite an amazing record and she's still going strong. Tawny has recently sold two books to New York publishing house, Kensington Books. What follows is Tawny's story of how she got the call.


My big “Call” came on the day I’d least expected it. It was summertime. I’d received a lot of bad news lately, and I was getting frustrated. I was dreaming. Getting a New York deal was not going to happen. It was time to face the truth.

I decided to take the kids somewhere fun to try to drag myself out of the pits. We packed up and went to a local farm. We spent the day feeding goats and running from snapping geese. The hubby called me just as I was loading my exhausted, hungry crew back into the car.

Hubby: “Your agent called. Someone wants to buy your book.”
Me: “Ha-ha! Quit joking. It’s not nice to mess with a writer’s head like that.”
Hubby: “I’m not kidding. Your agent called and left a message. Kensington wants to buy your book. It’s all here. You need to call him back.”

The phone call went something like that. I probably said, “Oh my God” a few dozen times. I just remember it took a while for reality to sink in. And then I quickly forgot the way home.

The twenty minute drive took forever, mostly because I’d lose track of where I was going and take a wrong turn. But the minute I got in the house, I snatched up the yellow piece of paper the message had been scribbled on and ran to call my agent.

It was real! Not some cruel joke. Kensington wanted not just one book but two! I listened, I blabbered. I can’t remember all the details. I did a little dance. Told my hubby. He decided how he’d spend our first million. The kids got into the act. It was difficult to break the news to them all that we weren’t going to be able to move to Disney World or buy a fleet of ‘Vettes. Hubby took the news okay. The kids...well, they’ll get over it. Eventually.

Then, hubby, being the man I love, called everyone he knew that had ever voiced their doubt in my ability to sell and proudly told them they’d been wrong.


The New York City call is an author's dream come true, one many of us are pursuing. Congratulations Tawny!!! I also want to thank her for answering the following questions. Just a little something I thought might be fun. I definitely got a chuckle out of them.


If you could, what kind of paranormal creature would you choose to be?

I’m a practical thinker, even when fantasizing. Would either a witch or genie count as a paranormal creature? I’d love to be able to snap my fingers and have all the mess in my house cleaned up, laundry done and folded, dinner cooked, kids fed and tucked into bed, and hot bath filled.

What kind of paranormal creature would you most like to have sex with?
I think vampires are uber-sexy! YUM!

Menages - Given the opportunity, would you?
In real life? No. I was raised Catholic. Too many guilt issues.

Who would you share your menage with? Anyone in particular?
OY! Can’t think of anyone in real life. But if Hugh Jackman wanted to volunteer, I’d be tempted to take him up on the offer.

Bondage - Yes or no and how far would you go?
Gosh, you’re gonna think I’m so boring, LOL. In fantasy, yes. In reality, heck no. My hubby can’t get a knot out of a tennis shoe lace. Could you just see that? Him having to explain to the police why he’s calling them to get me out of my restraints. “Well, officer, it’s like this. I...uh...chew my nails and so I couldn’t get the knot out...” LOLOL

Night or Day - Which is your favorite?
Time of day? For general purposes? Day. I need sunlight.

Afternoon delight, or moonlight madness. What's the best time for sex?
Sex is another story. I like it dark for sex. After birthing five kids, I’m well past the days of letting any man see my body in the glaring light of day.

What place in the real world would you most like to visit?
Any and all parts of Europe, especially Germany.

What place in any authors imaginary world would you visit?
Another tough one. Almost all the books I’ve read are set in contemporary times, in the U.S.. However, I’d love to travel back in time. I’m a huge costuming buff. LOVE sewing costumes. My hubby says I was born in the wrong century. So, I’d love to go back to Victorian England and see what that was really like. I’m sure my romanticized version of the time period is better than the reality was, but it would still be cool to find out.

Military, firefighters, law enforcement or other profession. Who gets your juices flowing?
All of the above. I’m a typical girl--love a man in uniform!

What quality do you find to be most important in a lover?

What quality is most important in yourself?

Thank you so much, Tawny, for sharing with us! Tawny's books are available at , , and . Stay up to date with Tawny at


  • At 9:47 AM, Blogger Jen said…

    Came to visit Tawny on her guest spot. My, my Tawny, there is so much I didn't know about you. Vampires? I love the bondage question. I have one word for your husband. Scissors! LOL. I just about cried when I read your call story. The part about how your hubby called everyone. So awesome. Thanks Kate for such a great guest spot!

  • At 10:05 AM, Blogger Diane said…

    Very interesting stuff.

  • At 10:37 AM, Blogger Tawny Taylor said…

    Thanks so much Jen and Diane!

    LOL. Scissors :)

  • At 10:41 AM, Blogger Diana Castilleja said…

    Wonderful spot, Tawny! Great Interview btw,Kate. Hugh Jackman, hmmmm... I'd say yum, no problem.

  • At 10:44 AM, Blogger Vivienne King said…

    great interview tawny. I think I would just die if that happened to me. I want so badly to sell to NY, but like you I'm at that point you were at initially that this is just NOT going to happen for me. So why get my hopes up. sigh...still, always exciting to hear it happen for someone I respect. :)

  • At 11:36 AM, Blogger Tawny Taylor said…

    Thanks for popping over and reading, Diana and Vivienne!

    Diana, a fellow Hugh fan :) {hugs}

    Vivienne, you never know, sweetie. It happened to me and I was SURE it never would. There is always a chance. And the longer you persevere, the better those chances get. I hope to celebrate your Big Call someday. I really do!


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