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Please Welcome Jan Springer!

Please join me in welcoming a very talented visitor to my blog, author, Jan Springer! A self proclaimed writing hermit, Jan has made good use of her time. Multi-published, with Ellora's Cave, Jan has nine single author titles, and has participated in two anothologys including one of EC's wildly popular Cavemen Anthologys. She also has two titles available from New Concepts Publishing. Her talent has not gone unnoticed. Her books, "A Hero's Welcome", "A Hero's Escape" and "A Hit Man for Hannah", have been nominated for Sizzler Awards. She herself was nominated for Best Author in 2004 by the very popular review site, Fallen Angel Reviews. Her book "Love Through A Strangers Eyes" saw her nominated as an Eppie Finalist, which is quite an accomplishment! Available May 17 from Ellora's Cave, Jan has kindly consented to share an excerpt from her upcoming release, "Colter's Revenge", third in her Outlaw Lovers series.

Colter’s Revenge – Outlaw Lovers
By Jan Springer
Ellora’s Cave – coming May 2006

The Terrorist Wars
Bagdad, Iraq
General Black’s Mansion
Spring, 2016

“How’s it feel to have two cocks buried inside you, Starry Eyes? Does it live up to your ménage à trois fantasies?”
Ashley Blakely shivered at Dr. Colter Outlaw’s soft question. Trembled at the unbelievable fullness of having his massive length impaling her soaked pussy and his friend Blade’s thick, lubed cock nestled deep inside her rear.
She wished she could answer him, but the erotic way Colter’s finger rubbed against her engorged clit made it really hard to concentrate on answering. Not to mention her wrists burned beneath the silky scarves holding her hostage and her shoulders were beginning a seductive ache at being strung up by the arms.
“She’s at a loss for words,” Blade chuckled from behind her.
His hard chest pressed firmly against her back. Steel-like muscular arms encircled her torso as his long, eager fingers busily pulled and squeezed her sensitive nipples until she cried out from the pleasure-burn.
Colter’s gaze met hers. In the depths of his green eyes she recognized the fierce love. The raw hunger for her. The look always made her catch her breath and her heart race.
The last thing she’d ever expected was for the ruggedly handsome soldier Dr. Colter Outlaw to take her seriously when she’d shyly answered his question a couple of days ago regarding what her number one sexual fantasy would be. She’d admitted it was a ménage à trois.
Having only met him several weeks ago when he’d come to live at the mansion and attend to the general after he’d suffered an almost fatal gunshot wound, she’d been shocked at the sizzling attraction that had quickly cumulated between her and the doctor. With the general temporarily out of commission, she’d had a meager strand of freedom available to her, enabling her to talk with the doctor about the advances in the medical profession concerning the X-virus.
He’d been surprised when she’d admitted she’d wanted to train to be a gynecologist back in the States, but had limited telling him the entire truth of how her stepbrother Dr. Blakely, the man who’d actually invented the original X-virus that had killed so many women, had sold her to the Army because she’d rejected his advances. The general had purchased her and she’d become his sex slave in Iraq. The soldier doctor didn’t need to know the horrors of her past. It would only put a damper on things. Especially now that she was enjoying the best sex in her twenty-five years of life.
At first, she’d been stunned when earlier that evening the general had left the compound for the first time in weeks. Colter had also disappeared for a couple of hours only to reappear with the awesomely tall, darkly tanned stranger named Blade. Quite a looker, almost too beautiful for a man to be. He had sensitive eyes the color of chocolate pudding and golden blond hair that flowed to his shoulders like a lion’s mane.
The sexual hunger brewing in Blade’s eyes had just about made her come on the spot. It hadn’t been hard to allow both the stranger and Colter to make her fantasies come true.
When she’d been sold into slavery, she’d learned quickly to live on the edge. To take each day as if it could be her last. And that’s exactly what she’d been doing since the soldier doctor had come into her life.
“I want you to come away with us, Ashley.” Colter whispered in her ear as he began a slow, erotic plunge that made her quivering vagina wrap tighter around him. Her heart picked up a frantic beat at his words. She belonged to one of the most powerful general’s in the United States Army. It would be a death sentence for both Colter and Blade if she went with them.
“She’s so unbelievably tight,” Blade hissed as he started a perfect thrusting rhythm that had her moaning at the powerful way his cock stretched her anal muscles, muscles that had been well maintained by the general’s butt plugs and sadistic toys.
“We can get you out of here, Starry Eyes,” he was whispering so low she could barely hear him.
“I…I…can’t. The general…he’d kill you.”
She winced at the pleasure-burn as Blade’s hard erection slammed deep up inside her ass again.
“He’ll never know.”
“He’ll know. He owns me. I can’t simply go with you.” she cried, desperation mixing with the wonderful fullness of Blade’s hard cock nudging deeper into her anal channel.
As if disappointed with her answer Colter’s thrusts became harder, harsher, more desperate. More arousing. Blade seemed to sense his friend’s change in mood and became gentler with his own seductive plunges.
“I don’t care. I want you with me.”
“He’ll know you took me. He’ll kill you both. God! Don’t talk about this now.”
She could barely stand. Without the silky scarf restraints holding her arms up, she would have melted to the floor by now. She was literally exhausted from the shattering orgasms the two men had blessed her with through the night. Perspiration dripped from her forehead. Tremors laced her aroused body. Erotic shivers made her wonder if she would ever be able to go back to her life of sadistic sex without orgasms with the general.
“We’ll all be safe,” Colter ground out between clenched teeth. She could feel his body tightening, sensed his time was near. Felt the blossom of yet another violent climax taking root deep inside her belly.
She hated the general more than anything and she wanted to be with Colter so badly it hurt. Wanted him to take her from this horrible life of being a sex slave to a sadistic American general.
But the last thing she wanted was for Colter or anyone else, for that matter, to be hunted down for stealing her. Deep inside her heart she knew she would never be able to live the same way after her experience with this ruggedly handsome soldier doctor and his friend.
The orgasm snowballed. Excitement roared through her. Her fingernails dug painfully into her palms.
Oh, my God! This one was going to be the biggest of them all!
“Come with me, Starry Eyes. Please say yes.” The desperation in his voice, the excitement at the proposal of being free roared through her and tangled with the pleasure, snapping her hold on common sense.
“Yes…yes… I’ll come with you,” she hissed against his tasty mouth.
Colter’s nostrils flared wildly at her answer and a most erotic smile tipped his lips.
“Fuck! You are so beautiful, Starry Eyes,” he ground out, and his succulent mouth warmly captured hers, sending her spiraling into the splintering orgasm.
He took her hard. Harder than he’d ever taken her during the times they’d secretly been together. She cried out as he plunged his huge, thick cock so deep inside of her vagina, it unleashed a torrent of erotic sensations that slammed into her like she was on a roller coaster of pleasure-pain.
She found herself stiffening with erotic fervor then convulsing against the two men. Pumping her hips frantically against Colter’s thrusts and bucking backward into Blade’s rock-hard cock.
The scent of their sex spun beneath her nostrils. The sounds of flesh slapping against flesh drifted past her ears and intermingled with the grunts and groans of the two soldiers.
She became lost in her carnal delirium. Barely felt the two thick cocks sliding in and out of her as both men frantically attained their own satisfaction.
Panting for air, she held on for dear life as the sensual euphoria gripped her and dragged her under.


Whoa! I had to wipe the steam from my glasses before I could continue! Okay, I'll admit it, a menage with two guys like Colter and Blade would be my favorite fantasy come true. I predict I'm going to have a new addition to my Microsoft Reader come May 17th LOL!

Like the good sport she is, Jan also consented to answer a few unusual question I dreamed up just for fun. Check it out:

If you could, what kind of paranormal creature would you choose to be?

A shapeshifter. I’d love to be a fly on the wall *wink* or fly over people’s backyards like a bird – hmm I am sensing my Peeping Tom side showing.

What kind of paranormal creature would you most like to have sex with?

Oh that’s a toughie. I’d say a werewolf. They sound like very good lovers.

Menages - Given the opportunity, would you?

Most definitely. *grin*

Who would you share your menage with? Anyone in particular?

Well since I’m shy I would probably want them to be strangers. Two guys. Of course well hung and they have to know how to pleasure me. I’m not selfish but I’d want it to be a memorable experience. So they definitely have to be good pleasure men. LOL.

Bondage - Yes or no and how far would you go?

Well maybe a little light bondage. I wouldn’t go too far. I have trust issues. But if the right guy or guys came along…who knows how far.

Night or Day - Which is your favorite? I love the day. It allows me to go for long nature walks with the sunshine on my face or if it’s raining I enjoy walking in the rain too.

Afternoon delight, or moonlight madness. What's the best time for sex?

Definitely afternoon delight. Lots of natural light – if you know what I mean? *grin*

What place in the real world would you most like to visit?

Hawaii. Ever since the series Magnum P.I. I’ve wanted to go to Hawaii. The beaches look luscious and I absolutely love the ocean. Not to mention I’d love to try surfing and scuba diving and exploring the islands.

What place in any authors imaginary world would you visit?

Oh yes! This one is easy! LOL. I would so love to be in the Kidnap Fantasies world. My series at Ellora’s Cave. Anything goes in Kidnap Fantasies. I mean anything!!!

Military, firefighters, law enforcement or other profession. Who gets your juices flowing?

Construction workers. Naturally tanned by the sun. Lots of muscles from all that hard work. And they are nice and sweaty. A good excuse for taking lots of showers with him or them.

What quality do you find to be most important in a lover?

Well he has to know how to pleasure a woman. So I’d say he needs to have really good hands. Callused fingers might be a good thing too and of course he has to be well hung.

What quality is most important in yourself?

Being able to please and fulfill someone – sexually, spiritually and emotionally. But I’d want that in return too.

Great questions, Kate!!!
Thanks so much for inviting me over!



And thank you, Jan, for sharing your time and talent with us! Jan's books are available at www.ellorascave.com , and www.newconceptspublishing.com . Stay up to date with Jan at www.janspringer.com


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