Sunday, November 05, 2006

A Few Scattered Thoughts As I Start A New Book

I'm a writer. Although I've never been the kind of person who could sit and write day after day in a diary, this blog is here so I thought I'd use it. Quite honestly, for the most part, my doings are not worthy of note. I'm the kind of quiet, unassuming person you wouldn't look twice at in Walmart and yes, I admit I go to Walmart. I'll do you one better, I actually used to work at Walmart.

Oh yes, I held the dreaded job of trying to please the uncouthed masses. If you've never worked in retail, consider yourself lucky. I don't actually want to talk about shopping though. I want to talk about the people who shop. Let's start with you. That's right you. Each and every one of you.

When you're tooling through the store picking up this and that, what do you think about? Your kids? Your job? That great movie you just saw? That great sex you hope you can talk your significant other into tonight? The fact that you just broke your fingernail? It doesn't really matter what in particular you're thinking about but just consider this. Every other person in the store is thinking too. Every head in the store contains a biological computer that has electrical currents firing with thoughts forming and flying all over the place.

Isn't that amazing? Good golly! There are actually thoughts behind those faces? In some cases it's just plain scary. In my case at this moment? It's... obscure. Why am I writing all this? Because I just finished some very intense edits and I'm giving my brain a rest before I go back to the next book. Actually, I'm procrastinating but for a very good reason. Putting the end to one book and starting a new one by looking at a page that says chapter one and nothing else can be intimidating, exciting, frustrating, challenging and terrifying but in the end, just plain necessary. I'm a writer.

Footnote: It is a documented fact that writers are a strange bunch and sometimes noted for their incomprehensible ramblings. Pat them on the head, give them a cookie and set them back in front of their computers. All will be well.


  • At 2:28 PM, Blogger Joan said…

    I'm not sure were the contest page is? From the news letter in open to this page. I have read some of blog message and answer some. Congratulation to the Winners!!


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